Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Welfare Accountability - Notice I did not say "REFORM"

WELFARE fraud- we have all heard it before, but who are the people behind the accountability end?  Hmmm, think that NOBODY is doing anything to insure accountability.

Take for instance, a woman in a Florida prison was collecting 5K in benefits while in prison.  What do you do with that when you get out. Visit Disneyland!  Hmmmm.  Or the man that while working, collected over 20,000 in benefits.  Will HE go to jail? http://abcnews.go.com/Business/regulators-combat-unemployment-insurance-waste-fraud/story?id=13996751

So perhaps Government should create some caseworker jobs, expand their iT departments, to make welfare accountability. Of course, not just talking about unemployment benefits-lets also talk about what's in the closet, the driveway, and the refrigerator of those collecting it.  when people in FlA pull up in Hummers and Mercedes to sign up for their monthly checks, there has to be something wrong with the ACCOUNTABILITY process. My tax dollar just doesn't go this far.